Connecting Canadian Blockchain Innovators

Blockchain Canada is a not-for-profit organization that connects entrepreneurs, researchers, regulators, and the public to help make Canada a global leader in Blockchain technologies.

Vision & Mission

Keep Canada at the forefront of emerging blockchain and decentralized technologies.

Blockchain Canada was founded on the premise that blockchains have the potential to transform many aspects of Canada’s financial, social, and governance systems in ways that make them more decentralized, open, and equitable. Such transformations, however, will affect all Canadians and its important to ensure that all classes of stakeholders (private, public regulatory, academic, and more) are connected in open conversations about how use this science to benefit Canadians and build Canada as leader in blockchain technology.

Connect Canadian blockchain conversations, research, and development

Conversations about blockchains and their role in Canada are happening, but they often occur in silos and disconnected communities. Let’s connect those communities by addressing some underlying questions: Who is doing innovative work on blockchain tech in Canada? What are the business, social and political ramifications of blockchain applications? Which academic institutions are doing research on blockchain and decentralized technologies? Where is that research published? What are the relevant government regulations about cryptocurrencies? How is our government balancing regulations with innovation? Where does one go to learn more about blockchains and how it affects Canadians? And what assistance (financial, intellectual, business, and otherwise) is available to help build blockchain-based startups? As this not-for-profit grows and brings more partners to the table those questions and issues will be addressed. Join us to help share information and make Canada a great blockchain ecosystem.

About Blockchain Canada

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Board of Directors

Lyn Albert Brooks

Mike Brown

Anne Connelly, Vice-Chair

Amy ter Haar, Secretary

Erin Kim

Laura Pratt, Treasurer

Dinaro Ly

Dean Sutton

Alan Wunsche, Chair

Advisory Board

Daood Aidroos

Cyriac Matthew Alappat

Pulkit Arora

Duncan Brown

Scott Burke

David K. Carter

Dino Arturo Celotti

Eden Dhaliwal

Rui Dong

Todd Felkai

Patrick Li


Marc Lijour

Rodney MacInnes

Randy McGuire

Brian Nammari

Omid Sadeghi

Minaz Sarangi

Simon Tang

Yuliya Usmanova

Kiran Vaidya

Antoine De Vuyst

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